Sunday, December 27, 2009

And So it Begins...

Let's just jump right in to the deep end. I might as well announce my goals for this bloggy blog off the top! This, to my mind, will serve three purposes: I will remember them, I will be accountable for them, my mother will know about them (and lovingly prod me towards them).

I will be doing the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 26, 2010. This is my priority, my main focus- because it seems SO hard! Not much more to say about that. It will be my first. I am semi-working out now- but it's been lacklustre. Training to 5k, then 10k increments will of course help... but this is one Big Mutha of a goal for me. Cross all available body parts for me please.

Along the way, however, I have a few less intimidating goals for myself as well.

I have been dabbling in vegetarianism for the past few months, with decent success. I felt better, looked better and spent less on groceries. I'm going to make this a more permanent conversion now. I still will consider myself a flexitarian- nothing should be totally off limits (except maybe PCP)- but I'm going to try to be mostly chaste to the veggie gods. Part of this particular part of my little adventure is going to require me learning to cook. I've been so inspired by the blogs I've been trolling these past few months, I've ventured forth into the kitchen with brazen aplomb. Some complete failures of course... but some fantastically successful meals as well! Cooking for one can be difficult sometimes (my roommate is a cat- no THE cat, Schmeicel), so I've coerced my darling friends (Red, La, Suz) , parents (Kiki and Pudd'n) and dear Auntie (Joey) into taste testing my concoctions. They are supportive and polite. Not always in that order. I'll be posting recipes (with links to sources) as well as results and pics of said masterpieces.

I am interested in starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) garden in my hometown. My recent interests in food, its origins and in whole eating have brandished me with information that I found truly startling about food costing/subsidized food availability/ low income obesity and poverty related malnutrition. I have MUCH work to do to get going, the idea is not even embryonic at this stage- but tonnes of ideas, lots of support and the time to do the legwork!

I'm sure there were a few more goals I set for myself when I started filling out the blog forms... speak conversational Japanese, save 30K by December, teach my cat to run a bath, meet and marry Ed Burns... This is why I think it's helpful to write them down. I've got a tinge of the old goldfish brain.

It must be said that during this petit-voyage, there will be various random blogs on my very random life. Movie reviews, people reviews, observations and the accountings of the things that could and do only happen to me.

There will also be quite a few glasses of champagne along the way, that's how I roll.

Please support, comment, correct, chastise, submit and embrace this blog! I'm relying on you to help me keep going!



  1. I'll pick up pea shoots, if you recommend a "Champie" which won't tickle my nose!

  2. Amanda - this is wonderful!!! Congratulations on your clearly defined goals - with continual attention to milestones along the way, you will certainly reach both the CSA and the half-marathon. Running (and finishing) the half-marathon will be a major accomplishment upon which you can always look back on with pride. Let me know how I can support your running -or-new recipes -or - sharing champies. zontagirl

  3. I'm tickled pink! 2 comments! Thanks guys!

    @Lakshmi- I think the one we talked about may have been yellowtail or barefoot bubbles?

  4. Darling Girl I'll be at the finish line Sept 26
    with (bottles of Champies) and a lovely fresh
    toss salad from the csa I know you can do whatever you set your HeartandMind to
    Looking forward to your updates

  5. @lorirobinson Hello Lady! Thansk so much for following! Keep tuned!

  6. a tip for running the half-marathon: don't wear the shirts they hand out when you register for the run. wear instead a good technical running shirt. my nipples were chafed raw so bad they were starting to bleed. although that shouldn't be a problem for you if you wear a sports bra.

    and you definitely need to train up to the 21.09704 kilometers; my best friend decided to join the race with me without training for it and got bursitis in his knees. bitch still beat me, though.

    good luck, and all the best for 2010!

  7. Little bit .... I'm so proud of the focus you're showing....must be hard to keep all those ideas from HURDELIN' out of your brain all at one time. Love from the House Raven and Ruddin Da!

  8. Wow Girl Look at all those wonderful TALENTS
    coming thru Your photo's are amazing I drool
    looking at your vietamese roll's Let's do lunch
    at Chez Douglass Schmeicel must be a well
    trained cat the way he controls his emotions
    His photo's do not give away his inner feeling's