Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Camera!

Hello Tadpoles!

Today I bought myself a new camera so I can glaze all of your eyes over in HD!

I have been happily snapping away at: Schmeicel, my mantelpiece and artistic groupings of lint. This is in an effort to get to know my new Canon SD780 ELPH ... I think you'll appreciate the results!

Firstly: What screams Happy New Year to all my blog friends? I'll tell you what!

FOOT FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing says out with the old and in with the new like some cotton/spandex blend separated toes! These things are the grilled cheese of footwear... C-O-M-F-O-R-T

Secondly: I thought you all might want to know what houses this precious little idiot savant!

This does! My little cottage in the city! Complete with fireplace in which to cook gingerbread and children!

And third(ly?): What does my fridge look like before the transformation (we're at T minus 5 til Jan 5th- start day)?

Not horribly UNhealthy... but not what Gillian McKeith would approve of either! Please note the 90$ dollar bottle of Perrier Joulet Champies in the wine section! Dont' worry, as much as I love the stuff, this girl is NOT paying that much for the bubbles. I won this at work in a wine auction.. fiddle dee dee!

I posted this shot so I can post the AFTER pic and you guys can see the changes. Besides removing the petrie born sea monkey colony from the fridge and the frozen rats (RIP Bellasinead) from the freezer- the changes will be reflected in many ways!

  • No more meats/ meat products
  • Greater variety in fruits and vegetables (I'm Captain Obvious, nice to meet you)
  • Less cheese based foods (Even vegetarians can be chubby mucous slugs)
  • More juices (Not just the grape kind- I have a fab juicer and LURVE ((pervy love)) fresh veg juice)
  • More tupperware/glass containers (Since I started cooking I appreciate the economics and quality in making my own soup, juice, sauce, salad mixes.... etc.)
  • Prepared fruits/veg/meals (We all know that convenience is king, if i take the time to prep the foods I'll need >>> the assembly time is no issue >>> eating what I've planned is easier >>> control over what goes in this potty mouth!

Are you looking forward to the new fridge look? Good... can you come over and help me clean it out? I kid... sorta. On the running front- I wore sneakers out to Future Shop. End of update.

I took some pics at dinner(breakfast) with my friend La, but for whatever reason- they are not saved. This is a shame, because it was Chicken Parmesan w/ Fettucine Alfredo. I thought by posting this and documenting the cholesterol fest... I would feel ashamed and have a really healthy lunch(midnight snack). Well, I do have a healthy lunch, but I don't feel ashamed. I feel proud... proud that I am SO generous to myself. (Yeah, I'm gagging too... )

Pics to be posted of tonights food tomorrow... no exercise AT ALL, as I'm on a quick turn: finishing work at 0700 and then back in at 1500 for a double!

... and that's 2 shifts of potluck people!

What are you guys having for special New Year's Eve treats?




  1. SuzieQ said...Hey let me know when you're doing the fridge clean out so I can be there to do my shopping! Love your bloggy blog. Here's to wheezing and sweating together on the treadmill in 2010!

  2. @SuzieQ... Sunday night doll!