Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years... No beers!

"Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish it on anyone lightly. So let's just wish each other a bileless New Year and leave it at that". Judith Crist

Happy New Year Fireants!

While all of you lucky ducks were out cavorting last night... Ms. Champies n' Splints was working tirelessly away at the airport, ringing in the New Year with phones a ringin' and alarms a dingin'. We planned a little pot luck of munchies, to ease the pain of left-outedness... and toasted the birth of Baby New Year with some Ikea sparkling lingonberry juice! (thanks to Allison)

The afternoon shift was a calvacade of carbs...

Mozza Sticks could be one of the better things in this galaxy!

And then the sweets came out!

I annoyed the frick out of my colleagues as I ponced around taking pics of the food. I almost had my fingers bitten off a few times trying to feign off hungry men from cheesy appetizers... and all for the perfect shot! (I kid, I kid)

Needless to say, this whole photo thing is still VERY new to me. I hope you guys notice some improvements in the next while. I want to turn my Canon skills into Canon SKILLZ... (also, any comments or critiques of pics/settings/surroundings would be really helpful)

After eight hours of nought but food and chit chat... it was time for the midnight shift to begin! Thanks to CeeFlo and Allison, there were EVEN more treats for us poor plebes!

Looks pretty healthy right?

Wrong... This fruit plate was accompanied by some PRETTY AWESOME choco dipping sauce! It was also flanked by some Ketchup chips (my all-time fave), BBQ wings, cheese and crackers and various dips, spreads and goodies!

I know what you're thinking! This chick is SO full of it! Healthy Schmealthy! Yeah I know, I'm feeling the hypocrisy too! BUT... that was the last hoorah! It was just enough to push you over the edge... you know what I mean... that "I actually WANT a salad now" feeling. So as I sat in my best Al Bundy pose, surveying the remnants of all the unlucky vittle soldiers that were unfortunate enough to get in my way... I was surprised to receive a gift!

As if the Healthy Eating Gods themselves had smiled upon me! Allison brought an Organic Pea Shoot plant in for me! These came from Planet Organic, in Port Credit. I haven't been yet, but by all accounts, it's just as much a ShangriLa as Whole Foods! I am really looking forward to visiting!

While these precious little things only served as palate cleansers on this fateful night... they're going to make some awesome salad toppers and wrap fillers! With any luck, I can keep the plant going and keep them as a renewable treat!

So home for 5 hours sleep with this handsome man...

And it's been a healthier day already!

Breakfast was a broccoli soup w/ 1.5 cups of baby spinach

Dinner was some roasted veggies and rice from Mr. Greek (no pic- but I have witnesses LOL).

I hope you all had a fab New Year's Eve and are not feeling too dreadful today! I guess the ONE good thing about working over the party night of the year is: while so much of the world is wallowing in dens of Advil and greasy breakfasts while watching The Joy of Painting... I, er... I, um... I'd rather be doing that. Never mind.

Look forward to an ACTUAL running update in the next few days... training starts on the 5th! My training partner, Suz, and I are going to be using the Running Planet 5k plan to start... if anyone wants to play along! Its similar to the Hal Higdon plan, but at the culmination of the 12 weeks (which I think we'll shorten), you've covered a farther distance (5.4 k)

So... I want to know. Did anyone make any resolutions?



  1. Loving the blog, and the pics...must be a fab camera! That champies looks soooooo good! I've been at the those potlucks and the food is good when you're there...but it doesn't look so good from here. I think I need a salad, it's been a long couple of weeks.

    Can't wait to read about the running adventures! I want to run again too!! Maybe I'll join you in a few can be my inspiration!

  2. Your pictures could be in cookbooks! Glad to see you have evolved from fried or cheese based foods to vegetable based diet - great start to 2010. Soups are a great way to fill up without a lot of calories (unless they are creamed) and cheap/easy to prepare. Even with high fibre bread to give you a sense of oral satisfaction, they can meet all your dietary and nutritional requirements. When in doubt, have a hot drink which will help you pass an immediate craving.......but a pot of soup on the stove or in the crockpot is an excellent alternative to 'bad' choices. Enjoy!

  3. What a colourful menu today - loving the variety and with all those gorgeous foods, there is no way that your innards are not thanking you. Have you had a melange of someting lately??????? Those spring rolls ARE tasty aren't they - how do the pea shoots taste compared to bean sprouts? Can you be a combo of abstainer and moderator? I had only one glass of wine for 3 nights rather than the whole bottle but i REALLY want the whole bottle :) nice pics by the way!