Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Fridge Was a TLC Special!

How was your weekend Squidlets?

Mine was great! Worked for most of it, but off tonight and up to big things... big things! By that I mean Eastenders marathon, laundry and fridge cleaning! Yeah, I'm a party girl!
Yesterday, after work (at 0715), I was lucky enough to have some brekkie with the lovely La. We went to Cora's. It's a great chain from QC, offering some very healthy and very decadent breakfast and lunch plates! From nutella and banana crepes to a Full English, there are tonnes of options in all ranges of the health/nutrition scale.
While I was ever so tempted to have the aforementioned crepes, I opted for some lighter, healthier fare!

It was sooooo tasty! Thanks La for the invitation and the company! What a nice way to end a midnight shift!
So after a wee sleep today, I was up and at 'em knowing that I desperately had to clean out this fridge. So I went to Sobey's to get some groceries (I know, seems silly to get food BEFORE cleaning out the fridge... but I required wine for this task!) and plunged right into it! You've seen the before pics (I won't punish you by posting them again)... are you ready for the afters? Well first, I feel like I must regale you with a bit of a description of my Frigidaire Bacteria Crypt...

I must say, I thought I was a pretty clean- fridge sorta girl. I wipe up spills when they happen, throw out items that are clearly past due date or starting to smell naff. I was sure that although there were clearly some problem areas, it would be the normal seeps and gobs of everyday living. I was not prepared for what I beheld. I did not take pictures of the concerned areas, as I've been told that what I find interesting... other people find fairly offensive. Let it be said that I may be channeling my inner Jonas Salk and that if yogurt had stem cells, I have just earned a fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.
So even these accumulations might be the results of daily living and cooking.... but I found a spider. Not actual specimen!
It WAS dead... but really? REALLY? A spider in the fridge? How did it get in there? How did it survive? I thought the fridge was a posi-lock, reverse oxygen chamber in which things of this ilk would not... nay, COULD not live?

If I'm looking at the positive slant here... I have to think: Spiders eat other insects, this little alien benefited my Frigidaire's eco-system by keeping the other bug populations at bay (I daren't think of it's sustenance) . I have not yet convinced myself that this is either plausible or positive. I guess if I had to pick a fridge predator... the spider would be it. Much better than a Komodo dragon or **gasp** the Mozambican Centipede. Jonas Salk I may be, Dr. Livingston I am not!
After I hauled out that crunchy carcass, it was all guns a blazin! I scrubbed the heckers out of that beast, and tossed some old condiments and re-arranged and TA DA...

There she is! All sparklin' and Sh*t!
Tomorrow, I'm off to the Asian market to get some veggies (WAY cheaper there), and stock up those newly shined up crisper drawers!
I think I'll be making some brown rice stuffed peppers tomorrow for lunch and spaghetti squash with spinach and antipasto for dinner... I'll wait to see what local produce is available at Oceans!
I'm going to use my double tomorrow to try to do some menu planning. Do you guys plan your menus? Any tips? Do you incorporate new recipes into plans?

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