Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lacklustre week...

Hiya Doves!

This has been a stupid week. Not too much going on, and no good reason not to blog... but I haven't really had anything exciting (unlike previous posts... I'm sure) to say!

So here's a quick recap- At the gym Tues, Wed and Thursday... all pointless workouts. Ran/ walked/ cycled... all half hearted. So that's enough of the gym talk.

I think it's because I was missing my energy addiction... the MONSTER.

Working midnights can sometimes mess with you a little bit, and while I was making these faithfully, I was feeling pretty good! But a failure to plan, cook ahead and pack up lunches and snacks turns me into a slave to the take- out... I do not make wise decisions under these circumstances!

So that's enough of that talk too!

Onto healthy things... sorta.

Because I ate out so much of the week, I had some seriously abandoned vegetables in the crisper come Thursday. These veggies showed their dissent by wilting, drying up and all around spoiling. Much like what's been happening in other parts of the world this week, I pulled a few survivors from under the detritus and found myself with a mix mosh of things and no inclination to be very creative. Result: Soup. While not my favourite food, by a long shot, it IS an easy and nutritious way to use a motley crew of vegetables, which is what I had.

So.. green, red, yellow and orange peppers went in with a mirepoix (carrots, onions, celery- Thank you Julia Child for "la nom posh" ), a head of Swiss chard, a can of low sodium tomatoes and some vegetable broth.

Cooked for a few hours, then throw it in the blender- and a soup is born! It's pretty tasty- and AS USUAL, I have way more than I need... so it goes in the freezer, right beside the frozen rats. Yum.

Went out for dins with Maman on Thursday - to what was purported to be "Dinner and a Makeover". Held in a trattoria in Brampton, one which Kiki and Puddin' patronize often, it turned out to be a Mary Kay presentation before dinner. So, not thrilled about that, but happy to be out with my Mumsy and her good friend Ellen and daughter Holly, we stuck it out. Dinner options were decidedly unvegetarian, so like any decent person- I decided to have the least ethical choice of them all... Veal Parmigiana

The veal WAS pretty good... and I didn't suffer any pangs of guilt until later on that evening, when I realized I had declined to buy any Mary Kay because they weren't approved by PETA. Um... should thought that one out a little more.

One of the perks (read bribes) of attending this demo were door prizes! I love pressies!

I won this hot mama just for asking a question! ( I think it may have even been the self incriminating PETA one too... groan.)

I almost gave it away when I won it because it it came in a chocolate box... not into choccies.

Tomorrow after a midnight shift, I'll be doing some cooking for the week. I'll be on afternoons... so that'll help life for a week.

Just wanted to let you guys know about something my Auntie Rachel pointed out to me. If you have or are planning to but some bee pollen for your green monsters.. or other concoctions: bee sure it's pollen gathered from bees that have fed from non-gm crops. According to her information from a beekeeper, those little black and yellow munchkins are killing their bee kids (smile) when they bring back pollen from gm crops... this is one of the reasons for the disappearing bee population. Thanks to Auntie Rachel for that info!

Do you guys ever have trouble getting motivated? Even when you've had some successes... AND you know how much better you feel when you're on the healthy train? VERY FRUSTRATING.

Better week ahead..



  1. Always difficult to get motivated - the spiral down is so easy. Sometimes it takes just 1 small change in plans to perk you up -or- sometimes it is a look at your ass / belly / bloated body (choose one) as others see it -or the fact that you can't fit into anything other than sweat pants and your husband's sweaters that gives you that spark. It is liking the gym - getting there is 99% of the problem and then once you are there - you just DO IT! Say, that would be a good slogan for active people or those who want to be active. Kiki

  2. Mmmm...motivation can be a tough one. I say put on your skinniest know, the ones where you have a muffin top among other unmentionables. Now...take a picture! Post it somewhere you often look, on top of the tv, on the fridge. It's worked for me in the past, it's worth a try. And it's kinda fun to see how you fit (or don't fit) into your skinny clothes.
    Don't worry're doing great!

  3. My dollies.. You are sweeties to the tenth degee! Thanks so much for your awesome support... did 1.5miles today... 3.3k.... all on your support ladies!!!

  4.'re doing great...It certainly can't help with gifts of red velvet and cream cheese delights...we all lose that motivation from time to time...that is why we have eachother (U, Suz, Kiki, Red, Me etc) to give that little extra push when probably helps with Suz banging on your door in the morning :)...found a page with helpful smoothie hints thought I wud attach the link for you...i hope i do it right... one should never feel guilty for consuming a great veal parm! you xoxo