Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's a Chia!

Hiya Punkies!

I had a little "talking to" from my friend Suz.. and I must admit I have been slacking. She knows it and I know it. Even some of the days I go to the gym, I just flake out. I know for me, it's an internal mechanism that sets me off on the motivation train... but not doing anything externally to trigger that is not only foolish, it's lazy. I do know, at least, that the last month has been MUCH cleaner than the previous 3 and that I have definitely set some ground work, upon which February will be built!

So, on this last day of the month, I'm going to change my usual pattern and start the plan on Sunday! No point in waiting!

First thing I'm tweaking is my workout and run plan. While I was "going by" the Planet Running schedule, I confess I hardly glanced at it after setting my goals, at the beginning of the month. This obviously lead to being aimless at the gym and running just enough to validate my time there. That is not what this is about and THAT sort of attitude and output is not going to help me reach my goals. THIS has to change!

In an effort to get more organized, I've taken Suz's cue and gone back to our old system of treating the gym time like any other appointment! I organized my Google calendar tonight and synced it with my Blackberry. Aside from existing social plans and my work schedule of course; I've entered a time block and mileage goal for each day I've planned for the gym this week.

In following with Running Planet's schedule (starting again at wk 1- I have enough time before 5k race);

Sunday: 2 miles
Monday: Rest ( Will do my Tues 1 mile due to work on Wed)
Tuesday: 1 mile ( Will do Wed 2 mile)
Wednesday: 2 miles (Rest day)
Thursday: Rest/ Xtrain (Hoping to do 2 mile outdoor run, no time to get to gym)
Friday: 2 miles
Saturday: 2 miles (Will rest if Thursday run is complete)
Sunday: 2 miles

At this point I'm doing an 11 min mile... working on endurance rather than speed. As the week progresses, I'll let you know if that improves. I think I might even be dopey enough to take pics of the treadmill display, so I can't fudge to you guys- or myself! I figure if the cast of Brampton Shore at my gym can load up weight benches with Blackberries and laptops and hair gel- no one will notice my wee camera in the water bottle slot on the treadmill!

Speaking of the Brampton Shore... I just KNOW how pleased you must be to see that Jersey Shore has been renewed! Warms my heart... although I'm still holding out for Snookin' for Love.

I've got a new addition for the Green Monster!

Finally I can include these little bullets into my morning shake! They don't add to the taste at all... just add even more goodness!

Chia seeds have become pretty popular lately, with more and more publicity every day. While I'd hate to say I fall for fads... I do, but this one seems to be substantiated by more than
QVC and a before and after layout of an airbrushed bombshell!

Apparently, the Chia grain was so valued by the Aztecs, it was used as currency!

According to the CTV article HERE, 3.5 ounces contains:
  • the same amount of omega-3's as 28 ounces of salmon
  • as much calcium as 3 cups of milk
  • as much iron as five cups of raw spinach

Chia seeds typically contain 20% protein, 34% oil, 25% dietary fiber (mostly soluble with high molecular weight), and significant levels of antioxidants (chlorogenic and caffeic acids, myricetin, quercetin, and kaempferol flavonols). The oil from chia seeds contains a very high concentration of omega-3 fatty acid — approximately 64%.[4] Chia seeds contain no gluten and trace levels of sodium.[5] (Wikipedia)

Other than getting a little stuck in your teeth, chia seeds are little gems and dissolve quickly in any shake or yogurt or liquid.

On to solid food, as I sometimes like to do... I finally made 'cauliflower steaks' yesterday. Disappointing. I saw this recipe on It's Just Food, and thought it sounded pretty good (although I did not see the final results).

Cutting a cauliflower from the centre of the head, vertically, you slice 2 or 3 'chops'. Marinate these slabs in milk (I used soy) and some seasoning salt, garlic and hot sauce ( I used Sriracha). Let those veggie clouds soak for a few hours. Next step called for these to be pan fried (which I think MAY be an essential part of this recipe), but I baked them because I was at work. At 400 degrees for 30 mins- at around 25 mins, I topped the slices with about a teaspoon of parmesan cheese each.

It absolutely tasted good... I think I was just expecting the milk marinade to turn this into a vegetable I really like. Or a steak I could eat in good conscience. Ever take a picture of a star to the hairdressers and ask for that haircut and secretly think/hope you'll look like said celebrity when the cut is complete? Same effect

What goes better with a fractal... than a fractal? Topping off the plate was some roasted broccoli.

Next on the red carpet was some excellent Indian from Shan-E-Dabar. I ordered the Mattar Paneer and Malai Kofta with steamed rice and a plain naan.

It was delicious and it was the first time I'd ordered both the Kofta and Mattar Paneer. The mattar sauce was much more creamier than I expected, which was very tasty, but not so
healthy. It came with a spicy tikka-like sauce with peas. The Malai Koftas- as I read in the menu, sounded like little falafels, but as I perused some recipes during dinner- I see now they're made with potato and nuts and mixed veg. Again, very good, but not what I was expecting. Good thing I can roll with pretty much ANY good food!
Not sure what's on the menu tomorrow... because I have an APPOINTMENT at the gym, so less time to cook. Either way, it'll involve a green monster and something. Probably just some soup... maybe something incredibly exciting!
Do you find making appointments, or formalizing obligations to yourself helps to stick with the program?


  1. I've never though of treating a challenge such as getting to the gym as an appointment....good thinking. I may have to steal that one from you when the times comes. Just keep your goal in mind and if you need a good ass kicking I'm here for you.
    When do you run your 5k? Don't forget we ran one a couple years ago and as I remember you did little to prep for that baby...I'm sure you're in a better position now then you were then.
    You're doing great! Don't forget that everyone needs a nudge every now and then.


  2. Miss Steph! Thanks so much for continuing to read and comment! Especially in your! I just know that you're going to be one of those Yummy Mummy's pushing the trailblazing 3 wheeled strollers along next years 5k!

    I think the 5K my friend and I will do is the same Chilly Burlington one we did... Maybe I'll see you at the finish line for some champies!!! God knows you'll have earned them more than I will have!

  3. Suzie Q
    Okay this isn't another talking least not today:) I remember the Amanda who was crazy dedicated, more so than me at the time, and couldn't miss a workout...that is unless we decided to go to Jakes instead lol So I know you have it in you which is why I b#$ch at you...lovingly that is:) Keep it up babe I've never seen you fail at something you set your mind on.