Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Green Monsters and Top Barristers...

Hello Kumquats!

How is the beginning of your week going? This is the first week of the new year... and the pressure is on! Monday has just passed and this is a starting day for some of us MANY times a year! Lots have made resolutions or quiet promises to ourselves about how this year will look on many fronts. Financially, spiritually, emotionally or nutritionally... all goals we set for ourselves are important to us for so many reasons, but the steps we take to reach these goals is really the big prize, isn't it?

I find starting my morning on the right track TOTALLY sets the stage for the rest of the day! This positive start helps me meet the day's goals, which, done over and over again... gives me a sense of routine and control. For me, this is the part of the secret to success.

I read an article on Huffington Post yesterday about happiness. I can't locate the link... but basically the author talks about some behaviours she has investigated which do, or do not provide us with the tools we need to find our happiness.

One of the key factors, she says, is figuring out if you are a moderator or an abstainer. Some people, THE ABSTAINERS, are most successful when they abstain from (insert activity or item here- but let's say Pogo sticks for argument's sake) Pogo sticks. If they avoid Pogos all together, it's much easier for them to control attractions, thoughts or cravings to those delightful breaded meat sticks... out of sight out of mind.

Other people, THE MODERATORS, feel much more in control if they thoughtfully mete out the frequency and quantity of Pogos, but still allow themselves to induldge occasionally. These people gain momentum from the success of exposure and their subsequent decision to control their behaviour.

I am definitely an abstainer! I am all in, or all out. Unfortunately, this usually attitude is in bursts and only lasts a short time... next thing I know, I've lost interest or inclination in whatever my goal was to begin with and plod on with no direction. I'm working my hardest to change this pattern.

SO... on that notion, avoiding a slovenly or unhealthy day and meeting the goal of having a healthy breakfast, I woke up and had one of these babies!

Look at this sexy beast!
The Virgin Green Monster- compliments of Oh She Glows

2 cups organic spinach
1-1.25 cups milk (your choice of cow’s milk, soy, hemp, almond, rice, etc)
1 tablespoon flax (optional)
1 banana
If you add the flax first, everything else on top, it weighs the seed dust down and it all blends into green gorgeousness! Despite the amount of spinach involved, there is no taste of it at all. It's almost like a banana shake, but with a little something special... some umami?
If you've never tried something like this, I really recommend it. The Green Monster website is a great resource for recipes and testimonials by true-to-its and skeptics alike!
So after that uber-nutritious breakfast... I had to follow it up with some fantastic fresh lunch. (See how this momentum thing works?)
I sliced up some red peppers, carrots and cilantro; added some broccoli slaw, pea shoots (thx Allison) and beautiful hydroponic Boston lettuce, to make some fresh Vietnamese Rolls.

These are oh so fresh and light! It's just like a portable matchstick Asian salad. The broccoli slaw saves so much time in prep, that you can have ten of these done in ten minutes! Soaking and manipulating the rice paper is the only tricky part, but like pancakes, they get better after the first one. This is also an incredibly affordable dish. A pack of rice paper is under 2$ at the Asian market, all other veg were already in the fridge- using only about a quarter of each the carrot and the pepper!
I paired the rolls with some dipping sauce made with almost empty salad dressings...

I think I had 5 of these lovelies, and still felt like I could jump into Richard Gere's arms and run outta the factory!
Dinner (breakfast time-ish 0500), will consist of some beautiful blueberry baubles (you like the alliteration, eh Mum?), 125 ml of plain Greek yogurt, and 1/2 pack of plain oatmeal

Off to the gym after work to meet Suz and start the run plan, and get my sweat on. I know you're picturing it.. go ahead, laugh! I have this fantastic plan: by watching GolfTV and CPAC on the treadmill monitors... I will be approached either by A) A top barrister looking for a lover and partner to relocate to Casablanca to start a new office for his international firm and decorate his seaside villa all the while adoring me to bits as I spend his money and drink his wine... or B) An independent security firm owner who has been admiring me from far for weeks, but finally saw me watching jurisprudence hearings and thought this would be something fabulous to talk about over a sunset sushi dinner on his Gulfstream, en route to his compound in the Cotswalds.
Either way... I think I've cast the lure.
On tomorrow morning's agenda is THIS....
My tea cupboard. Clearly, busting at the seams of all things tea and some things not-so-tea! I need to arganize this and get my shiz in order. Anyone have any organizing tips for teas?
While I am grunting and panting away this morning, I want to know... are you an abstainer or a moderator? Do you think a good breakfast or a morning workout helps you maintain your focus for the day?
P.S. Having problems with blocking and spacing today... pls send me the bill for your Myopia


  1. I would like to think of myself as a moderator...although I would imagine that you would disagree...however, I am making a serious effort to fall into that category more regularily.

  2. I am definitely an abstainer. I could not stop myself after breaking the seal - I cannot eat just one Lays.
    As to what helps me maintain my focus for the day - I don't need a morning workout or good breakfast,just for things to go as planned, without surprise or argument.

  3. I'm a moderator...I have a hard time completely letting go. Plus I've convinced myself that it's not healthy to say goodbye to certain foods for all time. I have to say that I'm relatively successful at having only just one or two and not the whole bag.