Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ever See that Show Starting Over?

Hello Birdkids!

I've rallied up all my gumption to get back into this game! I really took an unhealthy turn since I finally gave up the sticks! It started with giving myself license to indulge whilst quitting smoking... but I'm on day 54 and feeling pretty good about having kicked this habit, so time to get other things back in check! I need to check myself into the Starting Over House!

I'll say for the record- nothing feels better about not smoking! Breathing is not easier (in fact- am on steroids now, both nasal inhaler and puffer), tasting is not 'brighter' and 'keener' as reported, skin is not glowier... I could continue to kvetch. I AM glad that I've quit, but if you haven't and are looking to... don't expect immediate results.

Whoa... just scared myself with my accidental wisdom. I guess this is the moral of that story AND the blog story: nothing worth having comes quickly.

So, tonight I start my voyage anew... I think I've left this port before.

Pics and update tomorrow.... some news to share! Please come back to me guys! I've relied on your support!




  1. Congratulations, Amanda, on your quitting smoking... you know it will pay off dividends in the "long run!" (long run = couch 25K?)

  2. Thanks for your support Kathy. I still to get to sit on patios right?

  3. Suzie Q said...
    I am sooooo proud of you. You're amazing!!! Keep it up. You inspire me to try try again :)