Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can I Get a Wheat Wheat?

Hiya Fireants!

So... you HAD to know there was going to be more bread! I made two loaves today, out of one recipe. Yup... just like Jesus.

After fairly successfully baking one loaf from the NYT recipe yesterday, I guess I fancied myself a bit of a masterbaker... ahem: master. baker.

Last recipe was 100% white flour, as called for by Bittman, and which I enjoyed greatly... but let's face it: what self respecting Prevention reader can live on white bread? None of us, that's who! Definitely needed to cut down/out the white flour and turn Paris (last loaf's name) into more of a Tyra (equally flaky... but darker, denser and low GI rating {Tyra's low GI number is based on my "Good Interview" scale... the bread, obviously, is not}).

So being the proven Master Baker (don't worry, even I'm stifling my snicker) that I am, I decided to make my own recipe... wing it, go rogue, bake out on a limb!

Basically, Tyra and twin are the same as Paris... but the recipe is doubled and the flour is half whole wheat and half white all purpose. This is the gorgeous result:

Ain't she grand? She's ready for her close up...
If you look closely, you can see the bottom portion looks like it's still a wee bit moist and the bubbles get weighed down and the bread is denser. I'm not sure why that is... but I can't complain considering I abandoned the original recipe.
I was really happy with the results, especially knowing I was just being an arrogant little wench thinking I could alter the recipe and have it turn out! I know that baking is a much more precious endeavour than cooking, but I think my bread knows I love her and she pulls through for me!
Also, even though I doubled the recipe and swapped out half of the flour... I would consider these alterations fairly forgiving in the chemical formula scheme of things.
I'd like to find a multi-grain or whole grain or gluten free recipe next... I really like the process of baking the bread, but I am quite sure I can't keep eating my little prizes if they aren't as nutritionally dense as I can make them! I want to get my loaves darker, more wholesome and really substantial! The flow chart looks like this:
So, again- that was the bulk of my day... That and watching knitting videos on YouTube, trying to avoid paying for lessons. My basic stitch is almost ninja-quick... pearl stitch is OK too... everything else I'm having problems with and I can't read or follow a pattern to save my life!
My cable is out and will be until TUESDAY apparently! I'm trying to view this as a positive opportunity to do some severely procrastinated jobs... but I'll be honest: I'm scared. I've already gone through all of my PVR recordings and finished my library books.
TvShack, here I come.
This was another boring dinner of leftovers at work...
Last of the cabbage strata w/ spag squash a la diavolo.
Have you or do you make bread regularly? Do you switch up your recipes to add herbs or veggies or extra nutrients? Any tips?
Long run tomorrow night as my "Monday"... perhaps Suz sabotaged my cable to force my hand?
Or is my television situation the universe giving me a message?
To Whomever is in Charge of the Universe: I would have preferred a video installment for this lesson.

p.s. I am STILL having spacing issues with this f*&king wordpress... sorry if it's leading you to believe I don't take a breath between thoughts or that I have a barbituate habit.
I space... they suck .

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