Saturday, February 27, 2010

Introducing Baby Paris...

Hiya Monkfish!

I have given birth to a Bread Baby... And her name is Paris. Beautiful and delightfully airy!

After watching this video last night, I decided I'd like to make some bread!

I just can't wait anymore.. I have to show her off!

This is the first time I made bread- and it is the most rewarding experience! I'd like to think I have TWO post Apocalypse skills now...

Here's the dough during the rising...

Here she is after the first rising and after being dusted with wheat bran:

Here is the beautiful bouncing girl out of the oven and ready for some hot knife action...

Honest to goodness, I got NO sleep today because I kept waking up to check on her to see if she was rising. A strange attachment, I'll admit.
I don't think she was as poofed as was experienced by Jim Lahey, but I rushed things very much along as I couldn't contain myself to wait for the process. Mandated time to allow to rise in bowl: 12-18 hours... I waited for 9. Mandated time to allow to rise after forming into ball and dusted: 2 hours... I waited 45 mins. I was SO fracking antsy for this golden goddess.
It WAS delicious- so tasty in fact, that I tossed some butter and some chives into the food processor and made myself some Keg-style whipped butter. As can only be expected, I ate half the loaf in this fashion.

A bit of a denouement.... here's dinner, same as yesterday.
Which I barely got to eat... work was CRAZY busy, and we were down a few bodies. As a result of this... I must fly pumpkins.

Will be making more bread today, I think we have yet another fleeting hobby!

Watch the video and try it yourself! Super easy... and if bread isn't up your Kirstie Alley, then maybe another one of Bittman's recipes will catch your eye. He's an awesome cook and a fabulous author (I also think he may be Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple's Daddy... another story).

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  1. Good morning Madam Le Pain: the bread is absolutely amazing - I can't believe this was done with neither bread machine nor hours of pounding and pushing (we are talking bread right?!) Interesting that your allegoral relationship between bread and women of colour focuses on celebrities rather than women of either stature of history. Too much television influence and not enough women's studies????
    Keep up the non-smoking - biggest accomplishment of 2010 - even more than Christoph Waltz and Jeff Bridges getting their very well deserved Occars - we would assume - if they don't get the awards, "we was robbed". Kiki